A Note on the Seasons Series

I thought I should mention this, since it throws light upon my work. For as far back as I can remember, and up until I was about five years old, I had a vivid recurring dream that I was lying on my back on the floor of a forest, looking up through the trees. I knew I was wounded and, I think, a soldier of some sort left there to die. I also knew I would not be found for a very long time, if ever. Frightened, unable to move, and soon to become part of the undergrowth, I was nonetheless enthralled by the beauty of the trees and the forest around me. This dream has stayed with me all my life and has influenced most of my artwork. Nel bosco (In the Woods) is undoubtedly the most direct reference, yet the seasons series of the boy in the forest (Un ragazzo d’estate, Un ragazzo d'autunno, Un ragazzo d’inverno and Un ragazzo in primavera) is very definitely another retelling of the dream — or, perhaps the memory of a former life.

- H.C.